Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey girls I just wanted to let you know Sweetheartbeauty blogs will now be coming every Sunday, Wednsday, and Saturday. Todays blog will be coming later in the day because im going to see the Hiunger Games now... talk to ya later and ill tell you what I thought! BYE

Friday, March 30, 2012

Myth or Truth?

Beauty Myth or Truth

Hey girls! Today I'm going to tell you myths and facts about beauty! I know its a simple blog, but as soon as I get a camera (and figure out how to use it) I'll be posting reviews and tutorials.

1.) Chocolate makes you break out.

So what do you think? Myth or real?


Chocolate wont break you out! But remember a bad diet can show on your skin, so try to eat healthy

2.) Waxing or shaving can make hair grow back thicker

oh this is a hard one...


 when hair grows back in after waxing/shaving, the hair is a bit shorter than normal, therefore seeming thicker than long hair

3.) Sharing Makeup spreads germs


As tempting as it is to try your friends lipstick... makeup picks up too many germs!


4.) Cleansers can make your pores shrink


Pore size is genetic... sadly no matter how expensive or fancy the product seems... all it can do it make them less noticeable

5.) Painting your nails repeatedly with dark polish will grow them in yellow

Despite how pretty... let your cuticles breath or they'll turn yellow!
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Long lasting makeup

Makeup not lasting long enough? Follow these tips!:

~Sorry for the lack of blog yesterday guys... I had a busy day~


1. Wait 10 min after applying moisturizer to apply primer/foundation/concealer. If you dont the product will wear off faster

2. Always set makeup with powder... even if you have dry skin! This will make the makeup last a lot longer!


3. USE A MAKEUP PRIMER! Its a no brainer! and not only will it make makeup go on smoother, but it will Extend its lasting power

4. Use a layer of foundation and primer over your eyes, then apply powder! it will make your eyeshadow long lasting but still blendable!


5. Use lipliner before lipstick to keep it in place!


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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Winged Liner!

Hey guys, sorry for another quicky blog.. just another busy day! But im trying my best!

Winged liner is always in style... so heres some fun looks to try!


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Monday, March 26, 2012

Vaseline?!?! (Petroleum Jelly)

Vaseline is an amazingly versatile and cheep product! there are so many different uses for it!

1.  A lot of women swear by putting vaseline on there lashes before they go to bed. It is said to grow and thicken lashes overtime. Plus it helps moisturize dry lashes.

2  dab it on the lips for a quick hydrating gloss!

3.  Dab in on your cuticles to make them look better

4. Mix with sea salts to make a scrub!

5.Can be used as a moisturizer for acne sufferers (it is a misconception that it clogs pores)

6. Maintains perfume scent longer when applied at perfume points before spritzing the perfume

7.Tames unruly eyebrows

8.Remove false eyelash glue from your lash line

9.Stretch your favorite lotion by mixing it with Vaseline.

10.Make your week old nail polish look new again - rub a small dab over the polish.

Sorry guys mondays a busy day! this is the only lazy blog im putting up today..!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

How to Conceal acne


A lot of people will tell you not to be worried about acne because everyone gets it... but sometimes its hard to strut a zit on your face!

whoa there picky fingers
You should never pop zits because it can scar
Trust me I have acne scars and dealing with a zit for a few weeks tops
is way better then dealing with a scar for the rest of your life
Just conceal the zit and forget about it!
Its easier then you think with these tips:

First apply a foundation that matches your skin tone
evenly all over your face or just the area where the zit it
Choose a foundation that is not super oily
and will help to clear the zit as its on
Neutogena has a perfect foundation for
acne proned skin because it has salicylic acid
that will prevent and treat acne as its on

After your done with your foundation apply a green toned concealer
to the zit and the area around it to neutralize redness

NYC has a great inexpensive green concealer
that's very easy to blend!

Next use a normal concealer, the same color as you skin directly
on the sit, and don't rub it into bland. Gently use a clean finger to pat
the concealer onto the blemish, until you cant see it anymore.
Stay away from concealers a shade or two lighter for your skin
save that for the dark circles, Using a light product will highlight
the pimple and make it more noticeable
amazing cosmetics concealer is well... Amazing!

Finish off by using a powder puff to PAT powder onto the skin
Using a brush can ruin all your hard work to conceal the zits.

glominerals face powders are my favorite:)

Psh... What zit?

Want Natural Healthy Looking Nails?

Okay we all want those perfect healthy looking nails... and theres a way to do that without buying expensive fake nails. Sadly ladies im not gonna get to post pictures of my nails because I have my favorite essie nail polish on right now but heres how to get great looking nails

1. Clean and wash your nails with any soap of your choice, and use a nail file to even out the edge of your nail

2. Use N10's moisturizing vitamin nail restorer (or any vitamin nail restorer) on your nails... make sure to massage it in.

3. Apply a thin layer of topcoat to smooth the surface of the nail

4.Use sally hanson's hard as nails nail polish in Sheer Strawberry and apply a thin coat to the surface of the nail, repeat 2 more times. Make sure its even, this nail polish is great and will even out the surface of your nail. If you think you need a darker color, use it but make sure its sheer. You dont want to look like you painted your nails.

5. Use a white nail art pen to draw on the white part (tips) of your nails. Make sure there even and dont look gloopy.

When your done your nails shouldlook healthy and beautiful!


How to have even more control over your makeup routine

How to control your routine

A lot of us spend a lot of time looking for the perfect coverage foundation, or the perfect mascara. If you really want complete control follow these tips!:

  1. Make your own tinted moisturizer. I know its easier to buy, but a lot of tinted moisturizers have to little coverage and foundations can be to thick and cakey. Mixing together your moisturizer and your foundation will let you control the amount of coverage based on your ratio of foundation to moisturizer, and it will also be hydrating!I prefer to blend together my covergirl tone rehab(my faveorite drugstore foundation) and my olay complete all day moisturizer(It has spf!)

     2. Use 2 Mascaras instead of  1 (a lengthening and volumizing) to get bold, sky high lashes! I like using Covergirl lashblast length along with the Sephora collection lash plumper!

    3.mix pigment with vasaline to control the color and shine you get from your lipgloss. Simple and easy!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Color Blocking

Color Blocking

Color blocking is a fun way to dress and show your style during the Spring and Summer. It can be fun but how much is too much?

Some examples please:

Haha... Youch. this girl clearly has way to much going on... the bright pink and cool tone green and green was the first thing that went wrong, but then she added patterns and funky accesories which was just WAY over the top!

With color blocking you should stick with 2-3 complimentary colors to avoid a funky looking mess, and your accesories and patterns should be kept simple!

Okay. This look with the yellow and the pink may have been a decent color blocking look... But this is an example of why you should never EVER! use all pastels with color blocking! It's a nice touch with brighter colors, but all pastel can make you look more washed out and pastier then ever!

OH YAY I LIKE THIS ONE!!<3 Haha. Okay so in this picture the model used a simple already color blocked outfit, for a toned down but edgy look. The colors look great together, and buying already color blocked items will make it easier to pull off a color blocked look.

These ladies knew what they were doing with colorblocking... and you will too! I hope this blog helped ladies and go and enjoy a colorful spring<3



Bonjour Ladies!

Welcome to sweetheart312's beauty blog. Just so you know I'm still figuring out the whole blogger process... but once I'm all figured out I promise my blogs will go a bit smoother! On this blog I will be reviewing products, showing you some tips and tricks, style tips, DIYs, and much more. I plan to blog almost everyday... maybe every other day. SOOOO basically as much as I can!

A little about me/my story:

My name is Kelly, I love everything about beauty! Nails, hair, Makeup, I got introduced to makeup a couple years ago when I noticed girls in my grade were wearing eyeliner and mascara and I LOVED how it looked. I ended up sneaking and taking some of my moms makeup... without being educated about it. I probably looked so awful... I put blue eyeshadow everywhere, smeared eyeliner on my face, packed on the cream blush, and I never washed it off. I put on makeup at night so I didn't have to do it in the morning (which explained my terrible acne) . OY VEY! But I really enjoyed putting makeup on. So I began searching it up on the Internet, Not knowing there was a whole world of makeup beyond the drugstore. The first video I ever watched was Michelle Phan's Lady gaga tutorial. That's where I learned about fake lashes and white eyeliner. It was so amazing! All of a sudden I was an addict, when I wasn't at school or doing homework I was searching up makeup tutorials and started learning more and more and more. Within 3 months I knew more about makeup then a lot of my friends and my mom(wasn't i cool). Ever since then I've calmed down on my YouTube tutorial session and made my own tricks, and I have the skill now to come up with my own looks... So I hope to share what I think is skill with you.

I hope you enjoy this blog and blogs soon to come.